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Welcome to Namaste Connect!

"Namaste Connect's goal is to assist our Members in finding their other in life, while enjoying it.

One may be looking at forming a new relationship, dating, meeting interests in a new place,
a new stage in life, future matrimony, or a simple new beginning.

Whatever it may be....Love is the sole goal for us all.

Namaste Connect has a standard of living up to the name, "Namaste", so we welcome Members
who seek the same goal and can "connect with respect" and good intentions.

Namaste is a matchmaking site, for all who seek real Happiness.

The majority of Members are in the United States, Canada, and India, but we welcome
all with open arms. Today, it is all about Who, and not about what.

Namaste Connect is based in the United States, but still serves to all and everyone.

  • MESSAGING is a right that anyone can value. We hope you will value the FREEdom we allow!
  • One thing for sure is that MUSIC can be served to all, whoever you may be.
    You may download all songs in Sanju Beans history and receive a new MP3, EVERY month for free!
  • Many things make special.

You can see in more depth on the:Free & Premium Benefits tab above!

However 3 things in particular do stand out on

Chef G's Gift Shop

Indian Desserts, known as Sweets, tend to be a lost art at times. Especially in the US.

Besan Boondi Ladoos are's specialty.

Boondi (Bundi) Ladoos (Laddu) are a traditional besan (gram flour) syrup filled, East Indian sweet, ordered for all occassions.

There are different variations to Boondi Ladoo recipes, but is confident and proud to say, you will NOT find a better Boondi Ladoo, whether you look in North America or India!

Chef G has been making Boondi Ladoos and treating people in the United States of America and Canada, for over 40 years, along with India for over 50 years!

Namaste Connect will provide you with excellence in taste, quality, NO preservatives, and trusted UPS Packaging/Shipping.

My Tunes MP3

Check out the MyTunes Page for Sanju�s portfolio of tracks! Create a FREE Namaste Connect Profile to unlock the MP3 database, download every single song for free, add 1 additional song a month to your iTunes playlist, and choose any song to play on YOUR PROFILE!

a) Arati Jam

b) Truth & Love, ft. Mahatma Gandhi

My Tunes is provided to you for entertainment, memories, a good way to let to others know your ears while they view you, and a way to hear the well renowned work of Sanju Bean!

Sanju and look to spread joy, through the form of music, for each & every Namaste Connect Member, forever! Sanju and are, at times, asked why music is produced for all Members, for free?

As quoted in our Free & Premium Benefits tabs, "Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served." Mahatma Gandhi

Mytunes My Profile

You will have a new MP3 for your Player, every month, FOREVER!

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Namaste Connect's Outlook & Objectives

Namaste was formed with the goal of spreading and connecting happiness through mutual love, sweetness, good taste, rhythm, and TRUST.

Love is only True when it is MUTUAL

Relationships are only Real with TRUST

With trust being a must; Namaste likes to connect to our Members as PEOPLE, not ID Numbers.

This is why we offer Rewards to ALL of our Members, whether you are a Free or a Premium Member. We cover all of our People!

1. Free Messaging (For all Members, Free and Premium)

Unlike all other high-class competition; has no charges

2. MyTunes MP3s (For all Members, Free and Premium)

You will NEVER stop receiving MP3s, as long as you have a Profile!

No strings attached: Have an existing Profile and keep adding to your Profile & iTunes playlists!

3. Boondi Ladoos - Indian Sweet Shop

Rewards offered to Members: For Free & Purchase

100% Preservative Free! This is a very strong set standard of

Over 50 Years of production & 40 Years of sale in the US!

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